About Metro Baseball

Jack Dunn’s Metro Baseball School offers two one-week sessions each summer at Alpenrose Dairy for boys and girls ages 7 -12 and is appropriate for all ability levels.

The school specializes in a baseball instruction program of teaching fundamentals and skills to youth from a coaching staff consisting of former college and high school coaches and by active players from area high schools. Our aim is to help each player prepare for the next level of competition.

We concentrate on teaching fundamental skill development. It gives players the opportunity to be trained in every position, improve techniques, and apply newly learned skills.

Along with pitching machines, batting tees, and modern safety equipment, the school offers instruction in hitting, pitching, throwing, and infield/outfield play.

As we enter our 47th year, we are proud that we have maintained the highest standards of excellence in teaching the great game of baseball.

Our school teaches:

  • Hitting & Bunting
  • Infield & Throwing
  • Outfield
  • Pitching
  • Base running

Our school includes:

  • Three Baseball Fields
  • Batting Tees
  • Pitching Machines
  • Modern Safety Equipment
  • T-shirts with Insignia

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